1968 Single Malt

The relationship between this individual cask, the distillate and the surrounding air, brings about a marvellous kind of alchemy; each cask yields a whisky that is slightly different from those around it. Thus, despite being distilled on the same day in November 1968, our two casks display distinct differences, whilst sharing characteristics of the Glenrothes distilling style – famously laden with ripe fruits, juicy citrus, creamy vanilla and hints of exotic spice.


A mellow nosefeel, with slight prickle after a while. The highly perfumed initial aroma – scented hand-cream, attar of roses, carnations – reduces in time, infused by notes of almond oil and oak shavings, with a trace of vanilla. A drop of water enhances the wood notes. A smooth texture and a sweet taste, drying in the spicy finish, with a suggestion of Friar’s Balsam medicine and a cooling mentholic aftertaste.