50 Year

This elegant and complex whisky was initially created from more than fifty different Scotch whiskies, as a superb example of the blender’s art. Over the course of this slow process of ageing, the whisky developed extraordinary richness and depth of flavour, taking on character traits from both woods – stone-fruit and honey from the Bourbon wood, and a rich, spicy quality from the Sherry wood – for an effect we call ‘double matured.’ It is an exceptional whisky, complex, multi-layered and truly delicious.


Spice. Passionfruit and pineapple. Coke bottle lollies again. The oak is still in perfect balance, and the whisky feels like it could have many years still to go. A few drops of water amps up the sherry (adding mocha / milk chocolate notes, and some leather), and tones down the fruitier notes. There’s the tiniest hint of smoke too. The finish is long, with milk chocolate, coffee and leather.