Classic Single Malt

Light, smooth and fruity, our Classic is the perfect invitation to explore the world of single malt Scotch whisky. The original taste of Glen Moray, it encapsulates the flavours for which Speyside whisky is loved throughout the world. We’ve been handcrafting our Classic in the same way for more than 120 years, distilling its spirit in our copper stills, then ageing our whisky entirely in American oak casks, for a multitude of citrus and vanilla notes. Approachable and easy drinking, our Classic opens the door to discovering the rest of Glen Moray’s whiskies.


Citrus fruits, butterscotch and warm freshly baked shortbread.
Malty toffee sweetness with blackcurrant and a fragrant lemongrass citrus edge.
Comforting and warm. Caramelised citrus fruits drift away to expose subtle spice.